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Joseph G. McQuaid - President and Founder

I began Wealth Preservation Associates in 2008 to serve a client base that includes growing families that have barely begun the financial planning process needed to protect their family and prepare for the retirement road ahead. I also work with folks in the middle of their careers who often times feel like they have years to get started with their wealth creation, preservation and distribution plan when in reality they are years behind in the quest to retire comfortably. I also support the retired and about to retire. These clients are very important to me because not only are they in my generation they are the group most seriously affected by a lack of planning. Often times they do have the assets to create a comfortable retirement, but often they do not have the plan. It is when I help these clients that I get the most satisfaction.

I have come to this opportunity after a long and satisfying career that has covered many roles. I have worked within the disciplined ranks of Global 50 companies at all different levels including the guy on the telephone taking customer complaints to the ranking sales and marketing executive for the North American division of one of the top five telecommunications companies in the world. I have been a founder of companies that were successfully funded and some that were not at the right place at the right time.

Through all of it I have tried to serve my employees and employers well. I have cherished my client and customer relationships. And I have found that a continuous focus on the objective and working the plan to get to that objective have served me and all of my colleagues very well.

Before founding Wealth Preservation Associates here are some of my career highlights.

Mr. McQuaid has served in various leadership roles in the technology, consulting and insurance fields for over 30 years. He has demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit throughout his career always tempered with the discipline of his enterprise leadership experience. He has been a visionary who balances the practical needs of operating a profitable entity with the mission to serve clients professionally.

Mr. McQuaid has fashioned a career that has seen him open up U.S. markets for international companies, and expand into global markets for U.S. based start up companies. All of his effort and success has been focused on primary customer contact. In every endeavor he has undertaken he has held a lead role as a sales and marketing executive. He has personally developed and implemented training programs for entire sales and support organizations. He has produced marketing plans which have built multi-million dollar businesses from scratch. He has hired management teams in multiple international locations. He has written business plans to launch new businesses and successfully brought them to market.

In his current capacity Joe has forged alliances with other independent professionals to offer full service health insurance, life insurance services and annuities, to self employed professionals and individuals. His mission is to help people protect their assets and preserve their hard earned wealth.

As the founder of Oak Hill Technology Consultants LLC and the President of Wealth Preservation Associates, Mr. McQuaid brings the experience of over three decades of successfully developing and managing customer and employee relationships to a consulting and financial services firm that is focused on the preservation, protection and distribution of our clients' wealth to future generations.

With his strong focus on people and their specific needs, Mr. McQuaid, through Wealth Preservation Associates, has the experience to help individuals and businesses at every level. Through Oak Hill's partnerships and affiliates there is no stronger team to help clients.

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