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Rolinski & Suarez, LLC
is a multi-state law firm with offices in Potomac, Maryland (Washington, D.C. metro-area) and Longwood, Florida (Orlando metro-area). The firm serves clients locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Our practice emphasizes US corporate law, international law, business and family immigration law and US Civil law, including, personal injury, commercial law, litigation, real estate, domestic relations, wills and trusts and tax.

Our commitment to our clients is to provide logical and creative solutions to their business and personal legal needs in a cost-effective manner. Our attorneys have a combined 35 years of experience providing innovative and practical legal advice and representation for the business and personal legal needs of our clients.

Our firm is involved in our local communities and active nationally on issues that affect the interests of our clients. As part of that commitment, our firm members serve on various Board's of Directors of not-for-profit organizations and provide 100's of hours of pro bono legal services to individuals and organizations nationwide.

The eagerness of our firm to be the best has enabled us to cultivate close and enduring client relationships which in turn has allowed us to obtain the most commercially advantageous resolution of our client's disputes whether by negotiation, litigation or arbitration.

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Health Insurance, Life Insurance and Annuities from names you can trust...

Humana, HumanaOne, United Healthcare, Cigna, Lincoln Financial Services, Genworth, Lincoln Financial, North American Life Insurance, Aviva, Allianz,
North American Annuities


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